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UBAtech is a full-service technology company in South Africa offering scalable IT solutions.

We are experts in e-commerce, quotation and order management system, managed IT services, content management systems, web development, and web design. Our main purpose is to support the country’s fast-growing economy with our professional services. If you are thinking about making an online web application and looking for professionals you can contact us. Our highly qualified web developers and web designers may take your ideas and present them on a web page in a professional way. You can call us, email us or visit our office for any kind of help with web development or web designing services.

We provide a range of information technology services at very cheap rates to our valuable clients and customers. Our main purpose is to help small business owners via our professional services. We provide the most effective and comprehensive suite of managed IT services to small and mid-sized organizations. We are experts in managed IT services including cloud computing, configuring and installation of business soft wares, cyber-security, and other related services. We believe in good quality services and customer satisfaction.

Cost-effective Rates
Reliable Services
Trusted Services
Secure Your Business Data
Increase Efficiency
Technical Assistance
24/7 Availability (For emergencies)
Standard Services
Up-to-date- Services
Follow New Rules, Regulations & Much More

Through our professional services of web development and web design, you can represent your brand online in an efficient way. We have a well-trained professional team of web developers and web designers.

Mobile App Website
Web Development
Web Design
SEO Friendly website
Logo Design
HTML Website
Custom Blog
Responsive Web Design
E-commerce Website
Content Management System
Managed IT Services
Web Design Course
Website Layout
Wordpress Website Development
PHP Web Development

We are the only company in South Africa that can boost your business online through professional services. We can develop a well-designed website with a good layout to represent your brand online. With our professional services, you can boost your sales and business growth in a very short period of time. For any kind of further help or assistance, you can contact us. Our experts will guide you in a professional way. We know that your time is very important and therefore we always try to complete a project before the given deadline. So, don’t waste your further time and money, just contact us for better services and proper guidance about your business success and growth. We will be more than happy to serve you.

We are on a mission

We are the best IT consultants and services provider with many years of experience in Managed IT services and content management systems. Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional service at affordable rates. We provide professional training and assistance to our valuable customers. We always focus on good quality services and a wide range of choices for our valued customers.

We believe in good quality services and our mission is to empower our clients to make smarter decisions about their businesses. As the leading IT Company of South Africa, our main purpose is to deliver top-notch managed IT services to our customers at very cheap rates. We believe in respect, trust, transparency, and collaboration. We have good relations with the local community due to our up to date professional IT services.

We always believe in good relations with clients and therefore we always try to provide reliable and affordable services to our valuable customers. we can provide you tech support, managed IT services like cloud computing, configuration, and installation of hardware and soft wares and other business-related IT services at very cost-effective rates.


With more than 3 decades of experience in web development and web designing services, we can say that we are the top IT Company in South Africa. We have a team of expert developers, designers and digital marketing experts to serve our clients according to modern trends in technology. We know the worth and value of modern technology and the internet. We know it very well, how the internet can boost your business in a very short period of time. Our main purpose is to help and guide business owners about e-commerce and digital marketing. Online sales and purchases have become a trend these days.

It is very important for every business owner to have a well-designed website to represent his brand to the whole world. Online business provides many chances for success and growth. With a proper website, you can have more sales and more customers which are good for your business success and growth. Through our e-commerce services, content management services, and web development services, you can boost your business very easily and quickly. Our experts will help you with how to represent your brand online for better sales and customers. UBAtech is the best company in South Africa for web development and web designing services. You can contact us at any time. We will help you through our professional services. Feel free to contact us.

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